10 Things You Should Look For In A Good Real Estate Agents

Technology-based alternatives accompanied by the digital age we are living in have completely transformed the way in which homebuyers and sellers navigate through the entire process of buying or selling a home.

Despite the proliferation of the internet and technology, real estate agents still have an important role to play in the industry. While most agents are investing heavily in lead generation, branding, and social media for getting prospective buyer’s attention in today’s market, the real challenge is retaining the clients you do get during the challenging stages of homeownership.

Your success as a real estate agent will always depend to a large degree, on the reputation you develop locally, through your sphere of influence, by delivering an exceptional, personalized experience and other quintessential traits that will guarantee the best overall optimal service and best results in your possible real estate endeavors. So finding the right real estate agent to guide you through the process is crucial. Here are 10 things you should look for in a real estate agent:-

1.) Communication Skills:

When choosing your agent, pay attention to how they communicate on the phone, in person, and via email. This person is responsible for negotiating on your behalf. Do you like how they respond to your questions? How will they handle conflict? Will they be aggressive enough? Are they making the process clear? 

If you have a hard time communicating with your agent, then the process will be brutal. A good agent then knows how to convince both parties to close a successful deal. The best real estate agents are good with people and know how to communicate the interests of their clients.

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2.) Knowledgeable:

Like any real professional, your real estate agent should be knowledgeable about their field and able to answer your questions or deal with any situation that arises. your real estate agent should be licensed, up-to-date on the market and current real estate trends.

They should also be an expert in the local landscape and real estate climate of the area you’re interested in. A good real estate agent should have a finger on the pulse of the economy and any indicators that could impact housing to help their clients make an informed decision. 

Their Niche Specialization is also an important facet. A residential real estate agent is not the best person to assist with a commercial real estate transaction and vice versa. Also having a good working knowledge about your local area, other relevant communities, and neighborhoods is essential. You can also ask them for your home values in Petaluma Ca.

It is important to develop a clear understanding of home values and how rules and regulations apply to real estate in a particular region. The agent has to be familiar with all laws relating to a property and guides clients through all the necessary paperwork and legal technicalities related to a sale. Since most homeowners are unaware of real estate laws when they buy or sell a house, they depend on a real estate agent to guide them through this complicated process.

3.) Responsiveness:

The real estate market and business are very competitive. You want a proactive real estate agent who is actively pursuing your best interests. You want a go-getter with the ability to problem-solve along the way because there are always unknowns that arise in the process. 

Will your agent respond quickly when you find your dream home and want to make an offer? Can your agent think and answer questions quickly? Answer questions for you via texting? Type contracts quickly, using e-contracts with e-signatures to quickly submit an offer? If an agent doesn’t miss emails or calls, this is an indication that they are on the ball and detail-oriented. Conversely, agents that are inattentive tend to be equally sloppy in the details of the transaction. There are always extenuating circumstances for missing an appointment, but clients don’t want to know about them. 

They want to be advised of any change in schedule so they can avoid wasted commutes, additional childcare costs, and stress. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and others when it comes to planning meetings, especially when third parties are involved.

4.) Professional:

You want to choose someone who has good standing and professionalism in the real estate community and with their clients. Visit their website (most agents have one these days) and see what their presence conveys both online and in person. There is no room for unprofessionalism in a field that requires the utmost high standards. Word of mouth carries a lot of weight and shouldn’t be overlooked.

It wouldn’t hurt to Google your agent’s name and see what comes up. If there are complaints or dissatisfaction, you should be informed in advance and before making your final decision when choosing your agent.

5.) Tech-Savvy:

In the world we live in, it’s imperative that a real estate agent is savvy in the field of technology. That includes everything from your preferred method of communication (phone call, email, text) to the ability to market your property online with professional photos and descriptions. 

If an agent is behind the times in technology, it could negatively impact your buying or selling experience. A successful real estate agent keeps abreast of relevant technological developments, such as online resources, websites, forums, and apps, which can help them become better at serving their clients.

6.) Experienced:

It doesn’t take much training to get a real estate license, so the most important thing is how much experience an agent has worked with home buyers similar to you. How many homebuyers have they helped buy a house in the past 12 months? Were those buyers looking in a similar price range and area to you? Does the agent know the market you want to buy in well? More experience translates into better results for you—and the confidence of knowing you’re in good hands.

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7.) The Ability to Network:

Real estate is all about who you know and who knows you. Without connections, you’ll never be a successful real estate professional. it’s a required skill and isn’t optional. Arriving early at networking events, being pleasant, passionate, and making Follow-ups are few networking tips that will help you build good networking skills. 

You’ll live and die by your ability to network and maintain relationships with your former clients and fellow real estate professionals.

8.) Trust And Reliability:

The number one quality consumers seek in an agent is trust and reliability. Buyers and sellers want full disclosure at all times about every document. They want to be given the heads up about important changes to housing regulations and mortgage rules. They want to be advised of realistic expectations to sell or buy their home, and dislike last-minute changes. 

Your pre-listing package should be comprehensive, and provide clients with a thorough plan for selling or buying their dream home. You should be able to count on them to meet their obligations in a timely manner, consistently do what they say they’re going to do, and be accountable for the services they say they’re going to provide. Anything less makes them unreliable and not a person you want to do business with within this field or any other.

9.) Integrity:

One of the most important characteristics of a good real estate agent is honesty. This means that if you want to become an agent who is known for being the best at their job, you must have the integrity to offer evidence of this claim. 

Being dishonest, unethical, and immoral can tarnish a career fast, and for good. Nobody likes to work with an agent who has a dubious reputation. Both sellers and buyers are looking for the best returns on their deals and are likely to ask for referrals before they decide to hire an agent. Reputation matters and so you should have a good client base who can provide glowing testimonies of recent successful deals.

10.) Honesty: 

Homebuyers should look for honesty in their real estate agent. Agents should be aligned with budget, neighborhood, and true home values. You should trust your agent to act in your best interest and help you make the right choice in such a large investment. Choose agents that understand what you are looking for and why it is important to you. Without honesty, the process may be delayed or halted.

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