Drawing 2D Objects in AutoCAD

Drawing 2D objects in AutoCAD, you will not waste a lot of time. The program is widely used in industrial design. In the article, we will learn how to draw 2D drawings and how to edit them.

With AutoCAD, you can create two-dimensional objects.

Tip For the most convenient work in the program, turn on the mode “Drawing 2D objects and Annotation.”

Proceed to the “Home” tab, and then find the “drawing 2D objects” item there. By going there, you will find all the tools you need to draw shapes.

How do I create drawing 2D objects lines and polylines?

The most straightforward drawing 2D objects tool is a line. Using lines, you can draw other 3d drawing objects, such as a broken line, closed or open line. Each item will be a separate part of the blueprint, and each will be editable. Do not forget to adjust the extreme points of the segments. After you edit, press the Enter key.

With the Polylines tool, you can create closed and open lines by converting them to a straight line and an arc.

Click on the starting point for generating the item and view the command line. By clicking on the “Arc” item, you can make a curved shape. In this case, you are in “Polyline” mode. If you want to draw a straight line, then click on the “Linear” option.

How do I draw circles and polyhedra?

If you need to draw a circle, then click on the appropriate command. In the list that appears after clicking, you can choose how to draw the circle – using radius and diameter, sharp points, and tangents. The arc segments are drawing 2D objects in the same way. You can control the radius, number of points, and other parameters of the circle.

There are more steps to draw a rectangle. After you enable this option, you will need to select the number of sides (if necessary, reduce their number), the center of the figure by clicking on the appropriate area on the working screen, and the type of figure.

To draw a rectangle by size, you need to select this parameter (left click on it) and then enter the English letter P. And in the “Length” and “Width” sections, specify the required data, after which the program will draw a shape.

How to convert polyline in AutoCAD

First, select the lines to merge. It would help if you highlighted them one at a time. At the command prompt, enter the PEDIT command. The AutoCAD program can transform both segments and other shapes into a polyline.

Tip: If you have a new AutoCAD version, you will need to enter the MPEDIT command.

After that, continue converting to a line by answering the question that appears “Yes.”After that, the program converts the objects into polylines. Then you can edit them.

How to trim a circle?

How do you crop an object in AutoCAD? You can trim almost any shape, from line drawing segments to polyhedrons and circles. First, select a parameter in the edit panel. Then select the cutting edges and then the item to trim. After the operation is performed, the unnecessary part of the object will remove.

How do I merge polylines?

Let’s see how to combine polylines. For such a case, the PEDIT or _pedit command is issued. Use it to add a line.

Cutting angle

To make a segment at an angle, you need drawing 2D objects it and rotate it the required number of degrees.


So, we found out different ways to build shapes in AutoCAD. Perform all operations carefully because it reduces the possibility of mistakes. We hope you have no remaining questions on this topic. We would be grateful for similar and re-posting the article to our friends.

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