How can you increase your candle boxes sales at various events?

The use of the candle is endless in our lives; either you can attend the candlelight dinner, birthday parties, wedding function, and church prayers, the candle is the best choice for you. Mostly, at events, candle demand increased, and sometimes it decreased. As a candle business owner, you need to think about how you can upraise your sales at a different event. So, if you’re worried about the heft of your sales, especially at events, this article helps you. You can fulfill your desire by adding some options to your custom candle packaging. These options are explained below just for you. 

Print personalized images and text on candle boxes 

First of all, you can print event personalized images and text on your candle boxes. It grasps the audience’s attention on the market shelves due to having information for a nearby upcoming event. 

For instance, if Halloween is near, then you can print quotations and text related to this event on candle packaging. Also, you can make pumpkin candles, and you can pack them in a box that has Halloween pumpkin and ghost design patterns. Another example is the Easter event, and you can print pictures of funny eggs and bunnies with cool colors on the candle box that fascinates your target clients. 

Add gold foiling on candle gift packaging 

gold foiling on candle gift packaging

Candles brands also supply candles for gift purposes, and these are opulent. So, you can make your candle gift boxes enticing by inserting gold foiling and stamping in your candle gift boxes that attract your target customers in seconds. Consequently, they buy your candle gift package to give to dearest persons at events.

Pick color according to the event

candle packaging boxes

The next tip is to choose the color that you can use to uplift your candle sales is the right selection of colors. As you know, most of the events have some specific theme and color combination for customers, decoration, preparation, and many other aspects. So, use the color according to the event theme in your candle packaging boxes to engage your target audiences. Here are some examples for you. 

  • Use black and orange colors on candle boxes for Halloween events 
  • Red and golden vintage contrast is the best for Valentine’s day
  • Use red, green, white for Christmas events
  • For independence day you can use red, blue and white
  • For Easter, you can pick purple, white, pink, green, black, and gold 

Use unique shapes and styles of candle boxes 

Unique shaped candle boxes

To make them more quirky and eye-catching, you can use unique styles and shapes for candle boxes. On this subject, you need the guidance of packaging engineers to create a unique style for candle box packaging. However, you can use enlisting styles to make your candles overwhelming for onlookers. 

  • Coopered lid box 
  • Cylindrical boxes
  • Sleeve boxes 
  • Pillow shaped boxes 
  • Flower-shaped top closure box 
  • One-piece cuboid magnetic lid box

Print promotion on candle boxes at events

The printing of promotions on the candle boxes is also the best solution for you. Moreover, you can print promotions and offers on candle boxes before a few times of events. It rapidly increases your sales. So, print this info one custom printed candle boxes on limited boxes through estimations. After the event, you can pick the same candle packaging and pricing again without any promotion for your business

Wind up things:

The above-mentioned discussion explains various tips that you can use in candle packaging to boost your sales, especially at events. In this regard, you can use personalized images and text, foiling, unique styles, and print promotions on your candle boxes. I hope you like this article meaningful and get your answers. 

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