Invisalign – Modern Teeth Straightening Treatment and Relevant Facts

These days youngsters having crooked or misaligned teeth do not need to be on brackets and wires any more. Instead, they go for invisible or discreet alternative to conventional metallic braces in form of invisalign. The clear aligner trays not only provide greater convenience but also prove to be efficient in correcting the problem in a total hassle-free way.

Many patients interested in taking the treatment are afraid about pain involved. They keep annoyed how painful the procedure is and thus never can build up the courage to crossover the threshold. But is the procedure really painful? Let us explore the facts in the paragraph below.

How painful is invisalign?

Invisalign is NOT painful. Yes, this is the truth and everything else is just myth. However, it may leave you feeling sore in the teeth. It is similar somewhat similar and relatable to traditional orthodontic treatments. Initially when you wear the braces you feel discomfort in the teeth and that is because of the pressure the kit assets on the later. The same discomfort revisits at the time of tightening the braces.

The aligner trays used in the invisalign system are different from metallic wires and brackets used in the conventional treatment. Yet you prepare for some inconvenience and discomfort.   

Does the feeling of discomfort lasts long?

This discomfort is typical with invisalign braces and it lasts only for the first few days after you switch over to a new aligner. Every aligner lasts about 2 weeks on average. Thus, you may expect little discomfort only for the time being in every couple of weeks. Your teeth, on the other hand, learn getting used to the new aligners fast and the soreness automatically goes away.

Keep wearing the aligners as much as possible

To get rid of the soreness faster wear the plastic trays as much as possible. When you keep wearing it for longer the teeth shift faster. In other words, the aligner thus gets the chance to perform its work sooner. However, it is important to note that you must take out the discreet braces every time before eating or drinking anything other than plain water. The aligner also needs to be removed every time while brushing or flossing the teeth.

Importance of cold water and ice cube

To get rid of the sorness in the teeth caused by invisalign braces keep sipping cold water (at the most not above normal room temperature) from time to time. Alternatively, you can suck on tiny cubes of ice too but make sure not to bite on those.

Switch over to your new aligners before going to sleep at night

New aligners invariably invite the worst soreness in the initial hours, which automatically goes away on its own. It is highly recommended that you try out your fresh, new invisalign aligners just before going to bed at night. That way you sleep through the initial discomfort and the next day much of that is already gone.

Soft and easily chewable foods first few days every time with a new aligner

At least the first 2 to 3 days after switching over a new aligner follow a diet of soft foods that are easily chewable. Hard and crunchy food items are better to be avoided at those stages. You can get back to your normal diet again once the soreness subsides.

Pain relievers available over the counter are helpful

At last resort try out analgesic or pain reliever medicines that are available over the counter to save yourself from the invisalign induced discomfort. It is relevant mentioning a very thin number of invisalign patients actually need pain relievers. You should consider this as the last option after everything else has failed.

If in spite of that your problem persists just talk to your invisalign dentist right away. The trained professional is better equipped to identify the actual reason behind the problem.

The cost factor to consider

Are you considering teeth straightening treatment with clear transparent braces? Well, the decision is undoubtedly great. But you are concerned about the cost. Your worry is easily understandable. Teeth straightening treatment with invisible braces is no less than a hefty financial investment. So your worry is valid and makes sense. As far as the UK is concerned the standard cost ranges between £2500 and £4500. On the other hand, if very minor movement of the teeth is required the price is likely start as lower as £1700.

The cost varies from case to case

Based on the information from the paragraph above it can safely be concluded that just like most other orthodontic procedures the cost of invisalign too varies from case to case. Based on the level of treatment you need the price is determined. Some cases are quite simple; those need a basic smile assessment and just a few sets of those plastic trays. In contrast to that some cases are so complex that a set of preparatory treatments is required like tooth extraction and gum contouring before invisalign can take over. Obviously, the cost is little higher for the later cases as additional charges get piled up.     

You also have to consider the fact that each patient comes with a different need. Thus it is practically impossible for invisalign to have a fixed price. Your orthodontist first assesses your needs and expectations to compute the estimated cost of the treatment.

At Chatfield Dental Braces, we quote affordable price for invisible braces treatment compared to the standard cost of Invisalign in the UK. Moreover, we have easy payment options that suit your budget perfectly. Just feel free to talk to u right away.

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