How to learn Options trading in India- Tools and resources

Options are a type of conditional derivatives agreement that allows the holder to either purchase or sell the principal asset at a predetermined price before or at the expiration of the agreement. The sellers pay a fee known as a “premium” to select bidders in exchange for such a right. They can purchase a call option on this asset and sell a put option on it. The term ‘call option’ refers to the ability to acquire an option that will allow you to purchase shares later, whereas ‘put option’ refers to the ability to sell an option that will allow you to sell shares later.

These pertain to securities, index funds, and so on. Because the value of the underlying asset is generated from options, they are referred to as derivatives. Options are deemed dominating since they can improve any individual’s portfolio. They vary from shares in that shares offer an individual ownership in the firm, whereas options do not. Even when it comes to the danger associated with both shares and options, options are less hazardous because they may be retracted at any time. Options account for almost 80% of the derivatives traded in India, with the remainder being futures.

The reasons for why an individual should trade options are as follows:

  • The main advantage of investing in options is that it is much safer than dealing in stocks.
  • Options are highly versatile since investors have plenty of time to execute their strategy and get the ball into the goal.
  • Because of its flexibility, it aids in growing future investments such as futures, etc.
  • An option protects against potential losses by locking in the price without the pressure to give.
  • They may give greater cost-effectiveness.

Ways to learn option trading:

Online courses:

Nowadays there are many online courses available for the individuals to learn option trading from the beginning to the advanced level. Websites such as Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn learning offer courses which can help the individuals to learn about their topic in an expanded version. It will help you to gain step by step knowledge and will give you various opportunities to test and challenge yourself in performing better. There are both paid and free courses available making it people as per their preferences.

Resources available online:

There are several availabilities available online for people to learn via websites, blogs, YouTube videos, financial or trading websites which makes it people to know about the details on all levels. This is very flexible way of learning as it completely depends upon the individual of when and how they would like to learn about option trading. There are 1000s of sources available- the individual needs to do their individual research and find out what suits them the best. 


If you are somebody who is a reader and prefer to learn things offline, then it is one of the best options for you. There are various books available out them for the topic of Option trading from beginner to advanced level depending upon the reader’s preference. Many authors have also mentioned their experiences and the ways which have made things easier and more understanding for the readers. It is on the reader of what and which level do they prefer and how they want to approach their learning method. 

Things essential to be known before you start options trading:

  1. Know about the technical terms associated with options trading such as strike price, premium, expiry date, etc. 
  2. Options in detail
  3. Types of options an individual can trade in. 
  4. Calculation of risk and invest accordingly
  5. Know about option Greeks. 
  6. Just knowing the strategies is not enough, know exactly how can you trade in options. 
  7. How can an individual settle the options?
  8. How do options react to time value- its risk, return?
  9. How to build strategies that can help you in trading properly. 
  10. Why are options better to trade and what are the advantages associated with it?


Options of various sorts are available on the market, but they are linked with significant risk. When an individual invests, it is important to stay current and conduct research. It is one of the finest options for risk-takers since it may help them get the most returns by keeping an eye on the market. People who invest should also be aware of expiration dates and approach them differently than the stock market. Buying calls, purchasing puts, selling covered calls, and buying defensive puts are all fundamental strategies for newcomers. The options can also be settled in cash and should be utilised wisely. To be certain about your investment, thoroughly research all elements, particularly the downside connected with the options or the agreement of the underlying asset. Options are seen to be the most useful when utilised appropriately, but they might backfire if used incorrectly.

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