Why is a dental suction machine important in dentistry?

In a dental healthcare environment, dental suction machines are an important asset. They help in performing dental procedures with ease and comfort. Dental suction machines have several uses, benefits and advantages in the field of dentistry. The dental suction machines are used across several dental procedures to provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients. They help in preventing saliva and secretion build-up. They also help in protecting the airways and preventing choking as well as in removing aerosolized viruses and germs from the air.

There are several benefits of using dental suction. Dental suction helps patients be more comfortable during the treatment and also reduces the spreading of germs that might be there in the saliva. This helps patients to receive dental treatment without having to worry about their health.

A dental suction machine is an essential part of any dental practice for it helps to ensure the ease of the patients as well as the well-being of the dental practitioners.
The invention of the dental suction machine has transformed dentistry. Earlier, patients would be treated while they sat vertically. This limited the access to their teeth and gum tissue at the back of the arch; whereas a dental suction unit helps dentists treat patients while they lie horizontally in the dentists’ chair.

There are three types of dental suction units available which are important in the several procedures that they are used in. These are wet suction, dry suction and semi-wet suction. Each of these machines helps in dentistry in several ways. These different kinds of dental suction units have been discussed here.
Wet Suction Machines

The wet dental suction machine is extremely important in dentistry. The dental suction machine utilises water to develop vacuum pressure. This pressure then propels the debris from the aspirator tubes to the drainage area. This device works as an electric motor that powers the vacuum pump. This pump then draws the waste products, air and water, through the tubing into the pump which separates the liquids from the solids. These pumps also contain a reverse flow valve to eliminate backflow as well as potential contamination. The liquid wastewater is then sent down the drain, while the solids are sent through a bacterial filter. Therefore, wet suction machines are extremely beneficial for the practice of dentistry.

Dry Suction Machines

A dry dental suction unit is extremely important in any oral healthcare environment. A dry dental suction unit is not dependent on water in order to create vacuum pressure. This equipment utilises centrifugal force to eliminate debris and wastewater. These units also contain in-built separator components to remove waste before the air reaches the pump. Consequently, the vacuum pump unit is placed in a different location than the suction unit. The dry suction machines make waste easy to dispose of and therefore, reduce the risk of contamination. This makes them imperative to be present in any oral health care environment. They significantly increase the comfort and ease with which dentists can perform dentistry.

Semi-Wet Suction Machines

The semi-wet suction machines are extremely important for dentistry. The semi-wet suction machines work on the same suction principles as wet suction. However, the difference is that in these machines, the waste is first collected through the cannula and then filtered. And then, it is sent to a pump unit. Later, once the waste has been separated, the air is filtered and then given out as clean air.

While several kinds of dental equipment are important, the dental suction machines help to make dentistry easy for both the patients as well as dentists. These dental suction machines not only make the dental procedures easy for the dentist to perform, but they also significantly improve the comfort which patients have in any healthcare environment. Such an important device needs to be present in all oral health care environments. Just like any other body organ, dental health is important for overall well-being. These dental suction units not only improve the dental health of the patients but also improve the overall health of the patients. Therefore, they do not only contribute towards the oral health of the patients but they also help the patients have the important component of dental well-being in their health.

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