10 Best summer skincare tips 2021

Summer is here, extra sweat, sun and sunrays brings several skincare concerns. More care and tips are required to protect your skin from pollutants, dirts and sun’s heat. Skin is the most sensitive organ of our body. Heat and sweat can affect it badly if you ain’t going to take care of it.

Some facial and skincare treatment also helps to rejuvenate skin. To get the best summer treatment, consider the right beauty salon. You can easily find the best places through an online salon booking app. What other than this are skincare tips and a proper routine to follow. So, we have rounded up all the important factors to improve and maintain your skin this summer 2021.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Hydration is the key to glowing and textured free skin. Especially in summer when your body gets easily dehydrated, along with the body it affects your skin health as well. Drink a lot of water, at least 3 liters a day. Keep your body hydrated the whole day so that your skin remains shiny and glowy the whole summer of 2021.

  1. Wear SPF everyday

In summer, the sun is at its peak, which means it’s more harmful and dangerous for your skin. Harmful rays of sun lead to tanning, sunburn, pigmentation, blemishes and skin cancer. Wear your SPF everyday when you are heading out. Sunscreen protects the skin from sun rays and acts as a shield for your skin. It also helps to prevent wrinkles caused by UV rays. The results might not be seen frequently but after the years your skin will thank you.

  1. Use a foaming face wash

Using a foaming face wash is good in summer, as it removes the dirt from the inner layer of skin. Change your face wash, if you’re using your winter face wash in summer. Along with this, it’s better to choose the face wash according to your skin type. Face wash is the most essential part of a beauty regime. If you have dry skin, try a non-foaming face wash. And cleanse your face twice a day.

  1. Exfoliate your skin

Our skin sheds the upper layer in a regular period of time. To remove this upper layer, we need to exfoliate or scrub our skin gently. Exfoliation assists to remove the dead layer of skin and makes your skin super glowing and clear. Blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores is also a concern that exfoliation helps to resolve. 

  1. Apply face pack

Face wash removes the dirt from the skin regularly but there are some dirt and impurities settle down into the skin that aren’t possible to remove with face wash. To cleanse your skin deeply apply a face pack once a week to remove the dirt at an extra level. Try market based or DIY face packs for regular use or simply go for salon facials.

  1. Use moisturizer

Moisturization is important to keep your skin flawless and glowing. Dry patchy, and dull skin needs to be moisturized daily. In summer, sun rays and heat absorbs the moisturization and makes skin dull and dry. To overcome this situation, get your moisturizer at that point. Choose according to your skin type and oily skin needs moisturizer too.

  1. Maintain hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is a go to task in summer season 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Keep your hair washed and clean, wear light cotton clothes that should be clean and fresh, keep your shoes odor free, use deo to reduce sweat and smell. Also, cleanse your skin and hands to don’t let germs and bacterias spread. Summer heat is tackled with proper hygiene, bath twice a day to look fresh and active. Soak your feet and hands in salt water to keep it clean.

  1. Get your toner

You might be thinking of not using a toner, what’s the benefits? But, toner is way more necessary in the summer season. Toner hydrates the skin, makes it glowing and freshens up, reducing the oil protection. And the most amazing benefit is closing the open pores that are vital to reduce dirt collected into the skin. The T-zone area shows more sweat, blackheads, whiteheads and other concerns too so it’s important to keep fresh.

  1. Wear lip balm 

You did everything for your face- Cleanser, moisturizer, toner and hydration. But what about the lips? Lips are another delicate area of your face that gets dehydrated very easily and results in dry, patchy lips. Along with your skin, lips also need complete hydration. Wear moisturizing lip balm and also lip balm with SPF gives double protection from sun rays and heat.

  1. Don’t forget neck, hand 

Neck and hands also come in exposure to sun, dirt and pollution. You need to moisturize and apply sunscreen on your neck and hands when you are following the routine. Keep these protected and hydrated to avoid the situation of tanning, sunburn and dryness.


So, these are the best summer skincare tips to follow in 2021. Keep your skin hydrated and maintained to avoid any skin concerns this summer. Are you following these tips?

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