13 Fantastic luxury resorts close to Bangalore

Destiny has prepared everything for you, sometimes. The perfect calm, cool surroundings, and the air just help you enjoy yourself. Give you the perfect vacation weekend and you will be awaited by a variety of luxury resorts in the Bangalore region.

Close to Bangalore Luxury Resorts

These luxury resorts in the vicinity of Bangalore are great for a weekend or a special event.

1. Orange County, Coorg

Orange County sits in the middle of the verdant 300-acre plantation paradise, sure to let you leave the world behind. It has enough opportunity to bird watch, a coracle ride, and scenery that offers beautiful walks in the nature of one of the greatest resorts near Bangalore.

2. The Tamara, Coorg

Leaving the dark life of the town, The Tamara resort Coorg is a presence in the essence of nature. The weekend is no more enriching than a stay at one of the finest resorts near Bangalore, with a repressive tour of the plantation, a reviving spa, and a walking tour of Rudrakh Sacred Tree.

3. The Serai, Bandipur

The Serai is one of the most fascinating resorts around Bangalore, a lovely hideaway in the woods in Bandipur National Park. Serai is one of Bangalore’s numerous good resorts, located five hours away from Bangalore that instills the quiet of Nilgiris.

4. Guhantara, The Cave Resort

This cave accommodation is one of the luxury resorts in the vicinity of Bangalore. Fantasy comes to life an hour from the town of the garden. Guhantara, which literally means ‘the heart of the cave,’ gives you a distinctive and luxurious experience in a distinct civilization.

5. Vasco Da Gama Beach Resort, Kappad

The most exquisite vacation you can give yourself is a weekend retreat into the velvety beaches of Kappad. One of the most convenient resorts in the vicinity of Bangalore is there. Vasco da Gama is a fantastic refuge for listening to the lullaby of the waves with global comfort and nature. This is your solution if you’re on your way to the luxury resorts in Bangalore for a dream break.

6. Huli Kallu, The Malenadu Plantation Stay

Huli Kallu is one of the most restorative luxurious resorts near Bangalore over a weekend in the heart of the rough western Ghats. Once a summer resort of the royals this thirty-acre coffee plant. This is a unique opportunity to return to the natural lap at a 4-hour drive from Bangaluru.

7. Welcomhotel Raviz Kadavu, Kozhikode

This is one of God’s most unique resorts near Bangalore, with amazing views of the sea and the gorgeous sunset horizon. An overnight trip from Bengaluru is absolutely worth it. This hotel ranks high on Bangalore’s list of resorts and captures your heart at first sight, due to the elegance of the graceful palms and swung gardens.

8. Club Mahindra, Masinagudi

Club Mahindra Masinagudi is located in the middle of a subtropical natural reserve at the edge of Nilgiris, in one of Bangalore’s most refreshing resorts. This premium hotel is a luxurious breach from the city of Bangaluru, a 6-hour journey away.

9. Mascot Beach Resort, Kannur

Located on an edge face toward the blue Arab Sea, Mascot Beach Resort offers world-class esthetic and functional facilities for an excellent holiday near Bangalore. Romanticism lies in the air at each hour of the day on the beach with beautiful views of your eyes. You should stop here if you have adequate private places for couples in Bangalore and are in the search of good resorts in Bangalore.

10. Bush Betta Wildlife Resort, Bandipur

The Bush Betta Wildlife Resort is a beautiful getaway in the center of Bandipur’s lush green forest. The natural setting with its spectacular interiors ensures every comfort during your perfect weekend trip from Bangalore to one of the most scenic luxurious resorts in the wilderness of Bangalore.

11. Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Bangalore

The Golden Palms was developed on the Moorish – Spanish casitas lines and is still one of Bangalore’s finest resorts. Each of the rooms is carefully decorated with family and friends, suitable for a luxury weekend. This is one of Bangalore’s most popular resorts and has over 150 rooms with luxurious suits. It has a spa, a lagoon-like pool, fitness, leisure facilities, and restaurants of international standing to serve its clients. For a relaxed weekend, it’s one of the greatest resorts around Bangalore.

12. Windflower Prakruthi, Devanhalli

The Windflower Prakruthi is located on the outskirts of Bangalore on 7 acres and is suitable for an escape weekend. As soon as you enter the estate, the lush vegetation and fresh air will take you. There are hardly any resorts near Bangalore that are as revitalizing. If you’d want to enjoy a variety of excellent and varied food, take a tour of the resort. You can then relax at the pool or have a variety of other games to play.

13. Wonderla Resort, Kumbalgod

The resort Wonderla is located in the midst of a massive fun park. It’s a fun-luxury balance. Each accommodation has modern conveniences and the majority have a view over the park and offers comfort and relaxation. The best thing to do, though, is to get you to the fun park. Don’t forget to benefit from it.

The multi-cooking resort is ideal for a big meal. A Swedish restaurant bar is also available that is stylish and ideal for after-dinners. It is situated approximately 30 kilometers from the city and is perhaps the most frequented resort in the vicinity of Bangalore.

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