The Himalayas, also known as the Young mountain range of the planet are known for their soaring heights, complex geologic structure, snow-covered summits, alpine glaciers, and lush green forest trails. It is a perfect setting for the ones who want to experience trekking, camping, and hiking. The mountains welcome you wholeheartedly with open arms to relish the peaceful delight that too with a blend of spirituality and mesmerizing beauty. Let us know the reasons to visit the place and complement this beautiful mountain range – Nag Tibba of the Himalayan Region which is located in Uttrakhand.

The serpent Peak is the Highest Peak which is located at an astonishing altitude of 9,915 ft. The top views are just spectacular that you are going to knock your socks off. It is amongst the few less commercialized trekking sites. So what are you waiting for? visit the place and live life from one height to another.

Time to visit –

It can be visited throughout the year but the winter season is the best season to appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

                                5 REASONS TO DO THE TREK 

• PROXIMITY – struck in hectic busy life schedules and waiting for the weekend and try something new. still wondering how to make your weekend special in and around Delhi despite visiting malls, amusement parks, and resorts  It will be so fun to have a trekking tour a mixture of adventure and excitement. so don’t worry Delhiites and non-Delhiites Nag Tibba is a perfect destination to explore lush green hills with silver patches of snow. The trek begins from Pantwari Village which is 90 km away from Dehradun.

  So what are you waiting for wanderlusts? hurry up! and plan this trip. 

  • COMPLETE TRAIL IN SHORT SPAN – The Nag Tibba trek can easily be completed within 2-3 days. The time required to complete the trial completely depends upon your physical strength. There are 2 routes to start your trip. 

   1st Route

         FROM DEVALSARI VILLAGE – The trek route starts from Devalsari Village. It is 13 km away from Nag Tibba . one can stay near the village premises in the Guesthouse as there is no accommodation facility available during the trial. You will come across a variety of lush green trails, bubbled waterfalls, and breathtaking views.

2nd  Route

       FROM PANTWARI VILLAGE – It is one of the shortest routes en routing Nag Tibba. On reaching Pantwari from Mussoorie or Dehradun you just need to cover a distance of 8 km but follow a proper map or heir a guide because being the shortest route it can be complicated. The trail is devoid of Picturesque views.

•  A TREASURE TROVE ESPECIALLY FOR BEGINNERS  – The place is a treasure trove filled with surprises and satisfaction. It offers you a chance to gaze at the snow-capped summits, lush green trails, snowfall,   rare species of flora and fauna. best hospitality, tempting local cuisines. This is all that beginners desire. The dream destination will make you addict to its aura.   

MESMERIZING CAMPSITE – Relish the experience of camping amidst the lush green meadows. The views are breathtaking. sit near your camping tents enjoy the serene breeze. stargazing at night is the main highlight one must watch. you can spend your time reading books, doing leisure walks and capture photographs.

  Tip –  Nagmandir is a beautiful campsite.

•   EXPLORE MUSSOORIE WHILE YOU PLAN THIS TRIP Guess what? plan the unplanned trip to Mussoorie. explore the hill station and soak into the scenic view which is a treat to eyes and soul. 

                                CATCH A GLIMPSE OF – Nag Tibba  

                                                A JOY TO BEHOLD

On reaching the summit you can feel the sweet smell of success. You can see Bandarpoonch, Nanda Devi, Mt. Kalanag, and many other peaks from this peak. You will encounter the rarest species of birds and flowers. Spend some time in the lap of lush green hills surrounded by patches of snow across the small streams. Relish the camping experience near the summit in your tents. How about a perfect combo of Maggi and coffee? I am sure your mouth will be salivating. So enjoy the meal near the campsite. Capture the pictures and cherish the moment. You can prefer a night stay near the summit because the sky looks more appealing and captivating when you get a chance to admire the stars decorating the sky.

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