Around Wayanad and 12 most popular resorts

The lovely district of Wayanad is located in the “God’s Own Country” in Kerala, at an altitude that is more than seven hundred meters in the verdant cover of the Western Gates. Landlocked by Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, Wayanad has its name from the rice fields “Vayal Nadu.” The spectacular beauty of the Wayanad region and its tribal culture makes this an exciting holiday destination with its great products of tea, coffee, and spices such as pepper, cardamom, etc. One of the most exotic districts in Kerala. Wayanad offers several resorts that provide you a nice stay, which is a popular holiday resort. We present 12 of the best-known resorts around and in the city for the ultimate vacation.

1. Silverwoods Resorts

With a wide range of magnificent villas, each with a top-class service, the Silverwood Resort offers an attractive view of the Banasura Mountains and its gorgeous areas, such as Emperador villas, Primero villas, Sky romantic villas, Romantico villas, Royale villas, Espacio Libre and other Natural Villas. It offers a range of excellent accommodation. This resort is one of Wayanad’s leading luxury resorts with its amazing hospitality and superb holiday packages.

2. Vythiri Resort

Situated amid the giant trees of the tropical rainforest of the Western Ghats and with the sparkling water of the river streaming straight past it, Vythiri Resort Wayanad lies on Wayanad’s pristine 150 hectares. This resort is a true nature paradise for nature enthusiasts, offering the best natural experience in its cozy villas and suites. Nature and modernity exist in perfect harmony in this resort with an astonishing choice of services.

3. Blue Ginger Spa Resorts

The Blue Ginger wellness resort which claims to be the land of Ginger spice is located deep inside the nebulous highlands of Wayanad. This resort offers a calm and tranquil ambiance, along with the wonders of the Ginger Spa with a diversity of comfort rooms. A wonderful view of Wayanad’s magnificence and its ideal stay will enhance your visit. There is plenty of other fantastic facilities.

4. The Sharoy Resort

The Sharoy resort is situated in the background of the Banasura Sagar dam, India’s largest earth barrage and Asia’s second-largest. Although it is not far from the city, without any crowds the place is peaceful. The Sharoy Resort is a great spot for holidays with a wide selection of activities, excellent lodgings, and unique facilities.

5. Windflower Resort

Windflower Resort is located in the heart of the tea and coffee farm with a beautiful backdrop, sparkling waters, and the Buddha statue. From the pool, restaurant, or the beautifully rejuvenating spa, the view of the Chembra peak through the silver sky can be enjoyed. In Windflower resort, situated in a vast area of 25 acres smack in the center of a tea farm, you will find magnificent guestrooms.

6. Vythiri Village Resort

The Vythiri Village Resource provides an opportunity for luxurious relaxations in a cozy accommodation with all the convenience and conveniences to relax in the calm environment offered in shining waterfalls, sumptuous mountains, and the green lush beauty of the forest. This resort offers you a great blend of privacy and palatial comfort, where you may unwind in India’s biggest artificial waterfall, thrill your taste buds in the restaurant, or play.

7. Rain Country Resort

The Rain Country resort is located amid the slopes of the nebulous hills of the Western Ghats rain forest. This fascinating resort extends over more than 22 acres of land and is set in a valley encircled by 3 hills surrounded by rich greenery. Thanks to its wonderful design influenced by Kerala culture, the resort offers a variety of services and facilities for the finest rest.

8. Banasura Hill Resort

India’s only “earth” resort and perhaps the largest of its kind in Asia is the well-known Banasura Hill Resort. This eco-resort lies among a diverse assortment of flora and fauna, roaring waterfalls, and panoramic views of the mountains. Banasura Hill Resort is an adventure to be cherished with an incredibly unique encounter.

9. Planet Green Plantation Resort

The Planet Green Plantation is one of the most charming resorts in Wayanad. The Chembra peak, which rises to approximately 2100 meters, is situated tucked on the slopes of the highest point in Wayanad. The beautiful green tones offer a fascinating vista, surrounded by tea and coffee farms. Here are regular sights a peaceful deer snoring the water of the stream or the monkey’s chats while they jump from one branch to the other. Dense with its rich flora and fauna, this resort offers beautifully elegant accommodations and all the necessary conveniences to make your stay a perfect one.

10. Upavan Resort

This charming resort lies deep in the woodland, with bubbling streams running past it and providing a magnificent outlook over the valley. Upavan resort gives you a stunning welcome to Wayanad with its outstanding comfort and numerous facilities.

11. Seagot Banasura Resort

Seagot Banasura is situated in a perfect position, surrounded by a dense forest cover and quite close to the Banasura Sagar Dam with a large selection of excellent vacation packages. This resort with its choice of position delivers a glowing look at the lush green Wayanad mountain lines and the shimmering body of water that extends between these magnificent peaks, in order to create a sensation of deep calmness and peace the moment you enter inside.

12. Cybele Hill Resort

Cybele Hill is one of Wayanad’s premier jungle and hill resorts, located in the hills near Muttil. This resort overlooks the state of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and provides fascinating views over the Karappuzha dam, the caves of Edakkal, and the Nilgiris Hills. Comfortable accommodation and a range of services and amenities that will increase the joy of your stay accompany the stunning views.

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