Full Guide for Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Traveling is the best investment especially trekking that has the power to reach your soul. what keeps life fascinating is the exposure that one gets in the abode of heaven that is Uttrakhand. Remember heaven is a myth but Chopta Chandrashila in Uttrakhand is real. So before you rush out of time keep your luggage ready and surround yourself with a towering mountain peak, take a moment to admire surreal scenery you will be mesmerized by the whole journey.

Why choose this trek?

If you are looking for a short getaway surrounded by the Himalayan range, with no advancement around you, the Chandrashila Trek is an ideal trek for adrenaline junkies. Each small step reveals a new horizon. Also, it is a trek of easy to moderate level. It is best suitable for beginners also. 

Overview – 

The holy Tungnath Temple, a 5000 years old Shiva temple was built by Pandavas on their way to the Himalayas after the Mahabharata war. It is the highest Shiva temple situated at an altitude of 3,680 m above sea level. The aura of the temple is pure and soothing. Several trekkers and devotees believe that their prayers are being answered, their souls are cleansed al by the grace of Shiv Ji. To reach the temple one needs to cover a distance of 4 km by trekking.

The 4 km trek goes from Chopta Chandrashila, Uttrakhand. 

Popularly known as “MOONROCK” the peak provides mesmerizing views of Nanda Devi, Kedar Peak, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba Peaks. 

The serenity of the mind depends on the place and time. What you see is reflected on your face. So is the panorama of this divine trail. It has become an attractive corner for nature lovers, solitude seekers, and trekkers. The beauty of the place is highlighted by the evergreen forest which is a part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary.

Remember it is just a glimpse of your journey the reality can be surreal. 

Lifeline – tip 

Before starting the trek you should always do workout exercises and stretching exercises to give a kick start to your trek journey. 

Best Season to visit – 

Each season has its delight. Chopta Chandrashila Trek can be done throughout the year. It is a 365 – day destination that will fulfill your hopes. 

Chopta Trek Guide – 

Here is a 4 day 3-night Chopta Chandrashila trek that begins from Haridwar. Sari is the Basecamp that offers you breathtaking views. later on, you will be connected to Deorital located at an altitude of 2438 m. It is always suggested to start your trek early morning. During the trek you can pass your time by doing chit–chat with your fellow – mates, read books, capture the views and relish camping. Be cautious some ascents may be slippery and a bit difficult to cross. 

Day 1 – 

Haridwar to Chopta (189 km)

Day 2 – 

Chopta – Tungnath – Chandrasila – Chopta

Day 3 – 

Chopta – Sari – Deoritaal – Sari 

Day 4 – 

Sari – Haridwar (235 km ) 

“Mini Switzerland” – Highlights  

  • Trekking in Chopta
  • Capture the Mesmerizing Photogenic views
  • Camping in Chopta 
  • Bird watching in Chopta
  • Yoga and Meditation in Chopta 

Staying in Chopta – 

You can either relish the exotic experience of camping at the basecamp in your tents. The small hamlet consists of Hotel and swiss tents that will cater to your accommodation needs. They offer you basic amenities at a nominal price. The stay facilities begin from the following region – 

  • Makkuband
  • Dugalbitta
  • Baniyakund
  • Chopta

Chopta Food Guide – 

Chopta is a small hamlet that doesn’t offer lavish dining options. However, the place has small local eateries and Dhabas that offer you North Indian and Chinese dishes. Although some resorts may have in–house eateries. 

Things to carry while trekking-

  • Always carry a lightweight backpack along with a rain cover.
  • Always carry a First Aid kit.
  • Carry a hardcopy of the trek route map along with you.
  • Carry all the necessary clothing as per weather requirements.
  • Always carry your thermos and munching snacks with you.
  • Always carry a torchlight or a flashlight.
  • Trekking poles
  • Carry your Id proofs along with you  
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, matchsticks, and torch
  • Keep dry fruits and high-calorie snacks in your backpack
  • Carry your camping tents

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