Summer treks in India

Trekking is a form of activity exploring the scenery in a wild natural environment for multiple days. The great mountains ranges are some of the interesting areas of the world. Trekkers love treks in variety in changing scenery. Hot summers are not great for all the treks. But the Himalayan ranges remain cool during summer which makes it possible to trek with ease. 

While most of the friendly treks are found in the Himalayas ranges but there are few treks that can be found in the central and southern regions of India here are some of the treks 

Goecha La trek in Sikkim

Goecha La trail is one of the attractions that take you close to the world’s third-highest mountain. Summers here start from the last week of March until May as vivid bright flowers begin to Bloom. With a big view of mountains, you just do not see one summit-the Kanchenjunga but  

14 other summits that’s a lot for any trek. The trail of GoechaLa is blessed with a rhododendrons forest of blush pink flowers and one of the highlights of trekking to GoechaLa is watching the sunrise scene on the Kanchenjunga trek. 

Rupin Pass Trek

It is one of the moderate treks in India with surprises in the scenery at every hour. Situated at 15000 feet above sea level this trek takes about eight days. From here the trail takes you to see the Rupin river gushing over the stream with a melodious sound that brings freshness to the air. The scenes change the view every hour leaving the trekkers awe-struck. You start from the quaint valleys of the forest into the beautiful Sangla Valley. The famous three-stage waterfall which shapes like a U-shaped cliff appears to be a falling cloud from the sky when looked from a distance. All this ends with an adventurous pass climb. The Rupin trek shows you the distinction between the two states and its culture no wonder the Rupin trek is considered as one of the grand adventure treks. The best time to visit during summer is from May to June. 

Valley Of Flowers 

Valley of flowers trek is famous for its unique enchanting beauty and blooming flowers of different kinds and species are situated high in the Himalayas of the Uttaranchal at an altitude of 3600ft above sea level protected by snowy mountains. This pushed Valley of flowers is on the bucket list for many trekkers. The valley of the trek is a moderate level trek and is best to trek during the month of mid-July – mid-August where the flowers are in full bloom after the first monsoon. The valley of flowers along with the bands Devi national park is declared as a national park and a UNESCO world heritage site. Take a dip at the Holy water and purify your soul at the he kind sahib. The valley has more than 650 species of flowers is also home to endangered animals including leopard, blue bear, and Asiatic black bear. The valley is accessible from May to September. 

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass trek is one of the ideal destinations for trekkers who want to carry out adventure in the leap giant Himalayan mountains is considered the easiest and convenient of all treks. The Hampta pass offers a lush green valley on one side and the stark desert valley of Lahaul on another side. The main highlights of the trek are Chandra Tal lake in spiti. while returning from the trek is the drive over the famous Rohtang pass. The total trek distance of the Hampta pass trek is 35 km at an altitude of 4200m. The trek is safe for all 4 months of the year from June to September. The trek starts from the scenic spots of Manali through the fields of Oak, Pine, and Hampta river. This river serves as a bridge for the natives  Of Hampta to Spiti and Lahaul valley. The trail is blessed with lush greenery and meadows of landscapes. Hampta pass trek is rich in Himalayan flora and fauna and it is one of God’s paradises.

Rajmachi Trek

Trekking during the monsoon is a most adventurous one. Udhewadi is the base of the rajmachi trek. This Rajmachi trek in Maharashtra is easy with trails during summer with scenic views of Sahyadri hills and their flora and fauna. The trek offers lush greenery mountains, waterfalls.  During campsite at night, you might get to see fireflies as the region allows fireflies to live and flourish which makes a perfect experience.

      The Rajmachi Fort is 15 km away from Lonavala which is a famous hill station near Pune can also visit the kataldhar fall near the Rajmachi fort one of the wonders to visit and explore the Mother Nature.

Shrivardhan and Manaranjan are two kinds of the fort you can visit during the trek and it is one of the amazing things to view as during the monsoon you get to see many small waterfalls throughout the trek which makes enchanting place.

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