How Social Is Changing Sports Marketing?

Social media in today’s time is transforming sports marketing. The number of fans or viewers who consumed the sports content on social platforms worldwide in the year 2019 has enhanced greatly in every age stat.

Those who are aged between 28 and 35 years enhanced consumption by nearly 68% & those from 18 to 27 enhanced consumption by about 67%.

In the December 2019 survey, which was carried out by Capgemini, about 67% of the respondents between the age brackets 18 and 27 said that they had watched the sports content through social media like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Just an average of about 69% of the sports fans stated emerging technologies have greatly enhanced their whole viewing experience.

Why are sports & social media just the perfect mix?

People at large relish the merger of sports & social media as they tend to share a very common purpose i.e both looks at building a human connection.

When sports and social media get paired together, they create a brand new, amplified & cumulative experience for viewers.

• Social media channel portrays storytelling platforms, where sports brings forth real-life & compelling stories.

• Social media provides a rewarding way to indulge with the team & players, fans who look to feel a connection with their most favourite athlete.

• Fans’ great passion for players & teams endows the sports organizations higher consumer visibility.

With the growth in technology and social platform acceptance, sports operations like recreational facilities or leagues can now use social media to easily deepen constituent engagement. Consider the listed:

Live streaming: For years, cable TV has dominated sports broadcasting. Now the broadband internet caters to live to stream.

Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Amazon Prime have partnered with sports organizations to provide real-time content.

Given smartphones these days have gained great popularity, the leagues the proper medium to further push on their product on the podium, which offers the subscribers the potential to easily watch on every device.

Fan Engagement in the course of the sports event: Sports marketers are more creative than before in their utilization of social media channels.

For instance, the Boston Red Sox easily engaged with their fans on channels like Twitter asking them for song selection in the course of rain delays.

It keeps the watchers or viewers tuned in & continues watching the commercials instead of just turning off the TV & waiting for the rain to halt.

Motorsports make it completely possible for the fans to hear the communications between the drivers & pit teams.

NFL Network & ESPN broadcast both the fan & athlete tweets in the course of the news section to amplify the excitement.

Augmented reality & virtual reality: Social media podiums might soon enable customization. For instance, fans might tune in for the broadcasts that reveal those elements that they want to view.

Suppose, you are a 49er fan who just relishes the matchups between defensive backfield & receivers.

Though the TV broadcasting might soon be viewed as old school, the updated new virtual technologies enable the watchers/viewers to simply customize their engagement.

With this particular focus, which is shifted to the demand, you will view games within another game. Note that sponsors use this also. The financial services firm had the endorser Venus Williams that provided tennis tips.

Fans then put this knowledge/info into action by utilizing the virtual tennis balls & 3D printed racquet controller.

For the golf players in amateur leagues, audiences use AR (Augmented Reality) to record their swings & ameliorate their game via computer simulations.

Esports: It is now nothing but a billion-dollar industry. For generations raised up on video games, involving NFL series, eSports provide an opportunity or delightful chances for the fans/viewers to compete, reveal their skills & also establish a following.

Stream services, involving social media podiums have capitalized on the trend assisting to create a fresh genre that helps redefine the term ‘athlete’.

As sports marketing gets rolling on, accumulating momentum & backers, the industry of sports marketing is most rewarding for the ones with creativity & cutting edge knowledge to easily make an impact.

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