How to Clean Wood Blinds at Home – Tips For Successful Wood Cleaning at Home

If you are wondering how to clean wood blinds at home, there are a couple of steps you can take that will keep your blinds looking brand new. Unlike rugs or curtains, blinds do not have a “back” to them and as such, they need to be carefully cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on the type of wood used in the window treatment, some can be more stubborn than others. As such, it’s important that you follow a few simple steps when you clean wood blinds at home. Not only is this in the best way possible to protect your blinds, but it can also save you time, as well.

The first step to how to clean wood blinds at home is to identify the type of wood you have. This is pretty easy to determine, all you really need to do is get a magnifying glass and look closely at the wood grain. It’s also a good idea to use something like a wood stain remover that has been designed for cleaning wood. These come in handy because not only do they clean the wood, but they also attack stains without causing damage to the wood itself.

Once you’ve identified the type of wood you have, you’re ready to get started. To begin, take the blinds down from the frame. If you would like to use a power washer, this is the easiest step to how to clean wood blinds at home. Once the blinds are off, you can gently wipe each slat with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in alcohol or in a solution of household bleach and water. Make sure you thoroughly wet the cloth or sponge before you wipe it across the blinds.

When wiping the wood, make sure that you don’t rub or scrape it. You want to remove any excess dirt or dust on the wood so that it will be easier for you to clean. The same goes when you are treating the wood. With your wood stains remover, you’ll want to make sure that you only treat the outermost side of the blinds.

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As for the innermost part of how to clean wood blinds at home, it is very simple. Here is where you will be applying the cleaner. You have several options on how to apply it. You can either use a brush or a rag. I personally like to use the rag since it allows me more control over where the cleaner will go and how much will be applied.

When learning how to clean wood blinds at home, the first step you should take is to make sure that you have completely covered all of the areas surrounding the blinds. You want to have a clean work area. Before you start applying the cleaner, you need to make sure that the wood is completely dry. If you have a fan or a ceiling fan, this is even more important. After all, if you leave the wood wet, you can end up with wood rot and other problems.

The next step on how to clean wood blinds at home is to spray the wood with the cleaner and then allow it to air dry. You can do this by leaving the blinds open in the sun for a few hours or by setting the fan on low. When the wood dries out completely, you can then wipe it down with a rag.

When learning how to clean wood blinds at home, it is also important to read the instructions carefully. Some wood cleaning products can be poisonous, so you need to be careful when using them. Some people find that they are too sensitive to certain types of wood cleaners. If you are unsure about how a particular product works, you may want to ask someone else who uses it to test it.

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