How to Grow Your Business with A 360-Degree View of the Customer

If you are a business manager or an entrepreneur, you must have thought about ways to effectively boost your returns. Needless to say, the current market is extremely competitive and one must make significant efforts to see any kind of progress. In this regard, it should be noted that the modern customer journey has evolved and can be quite challenging to optimize.

However, the good news is that businesses can now provide customized and engaging experiences to each customer based on their digital footprints. In the age of modern technology, it is easier to get information on and provide unique experiences to each customer out there.If you are striving to enhance your business practices, the importance of a 360-degree view of customer journeys cannot be overstated.

For a praise-worthy customer experience, dig deep into their lifestyle choices. According PWC, around 80% of Americans say that convenience, speed, and friendly services contribute to positive experiences.

From past conversations with a customer, to his or her demographic features, you can track activities via a single digital profile. According to Gartner Research, only 10% of organizations utilize the power of 360-degree view of the Customer.

The potential of a 360-degree view

Since you have access to a real-time, reliable pool of valuable data on a customer, you will be able to offer better services. This is extremely important in a competitive landscape where every company is striving towards innovations that will give them that competitive edge. Monitoring various touchpoints such as likes, comments, social media interactions, and marketing communications can return data that will eventually help you convert them into real customers.

Proven Ways to Grow Your Business

1.Better Customer Intelligence:

Employees who are regularly getting in touch with customers or potential customers can leverage a 360-degree customer view. Customers will even be impressed by the personalized way in which they are approached. There are tools like

customer relationship marketing software that can support executives with data regarding all the digital touchpoints that have been interacted with by the customer.

You cannot ignore the fact that customer intelligence is important in today’s day and age. A 360-degree customer view makes sure that all products, inquiries, reactions to prior offers, marketing communications and historical purchase data are stored in one place. This holistic view of the customer enables managers and marketing executives to provide an exceptional brand experience.

2.Enhanced cross-department collaboration:

A 360-degree customer view also makes sure that your organization grows in all aspects. The data keeps all the company departments in sync and enables them to work smoothly with one another.

Incorporating a 360-degree view of the customer is a smart and innovative move to grow your business and see an increase in your bottom line. A broad customer view also ensures that your sales agents can make better decisions. Alignment between departments is also important as it leads to better brand awareness and team cooperation .

3.Personalized customer experience:

If you are thinking of providing a tailor-made customer experience, there is no better solution than a 360-degree view of the customer.

If you incorporate this strategy into your business, you can make sure that the customer service and marketing executives have important customer details such as their name, demographic features, preferences, and past purchasing records.

A few simple gestures, such as knowing the customer’s name, location, or remembering a past purchase can keep you in his or her good books. It is great for building relationships and connections with customers. Your customer will also feel valued by your company, which minimises the chance that they will switch to a competitor’s brand. In fact, they may even recommend your product or service to their family and friends .

4. Predictive analysis for smarter service:

We all know how artificial intelligence has changed the way organizations interact and operate with customers these days. Excellent tools such as automated CRM platforms will not only inform marketers about a customer’s past purchase but will also help them in figuring out potential future actions, such as special offers that may fit that specific customer’s purchasing behavior.

It is undoubtedly easier for managers to predict a future action since all the customer touchpoints are monitored under a 360-degree approach. With access to data in one place, managers can also forecast numbers. It even provides opportunities to make special offers for products or cross-sell them.

Step into the future of CRM

Modern businesses are going out of their way in order to impress customers. The standard is high and thus impressing customers at all levels has become very important. New-age CRM systems can track digital footprints, maintain databases, and help organizations reach their goals. The detailed insights it can provide help managers plan strategic moves as well.

So if you are wondering about how to boost or grow your business, incorporate a 360-degree customer view. It enables establishing and maintaining good long term customer relationships, as well as improving client acquisition.

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