Evolution of HDMI cable for Gaming

HDMI is the High Definition Multimedia Interface. Other than the commercial need or regular use, you can buy hdmi cable for your entertainment purposes like Gaming or watching movies on a big screen, etc. Accessing the best quality HDMI cable for gamers is a thing. We all can that the evolution of HDMI cables has a positive effect on gaming technology. In reference to Gaming, the qualities gamers look for in the HDMI cables are the high-resolution power, the transmission capacity of data, and cord length. Let’s look at the best cables for PC Gamers.  

1. Basic HDMI Cables

This section includes category 1 cables and standard cables with ethernet HDMI cables. The only difference between these two cables is the ethernet. Both of them have the same transmission speed of 18Gbps, a bandwidth of 4.95 GB/s. It has 1.8 to 10.6 m and is CL3 certified. Since it is the basic HDMI cable, it provided features accordingly and is value for money, and because of the ethernet option, it has adjustable length options. These cables support a resolution power of 1080i0r 720p. 

2. High-Speed Cables

The high-speed cable is called category 2, and the category 2 cable includes a high-speed hdmi 2.1 cable and hdmi 2.1 cable with ethernet. It has a data transmission capacity of up to 48Gbps, has a cable length of 6.5 feet, and is HDMI 2.1 certified. It has high specification power, more reliable, and supports resolution up to 10k. 

3. Standard HDMI Cables

The standard HDMI cables are perfect for gamers and pet lovers. These cables have a durable and mesh sheath which is best for pet lovers who enjoy chewing the electrical cords. It has a transmission speed of 18 Gbps, and the cord length varies from 3.2 to 10 feet and is HDMI premium standard certified. These cables are guaranteed the best durable wires available in the market. 

4. Flat HDMI

These are the best space-saving HDMI cable and are perfect for those who have limited house space or want to run their cords under carpets. It has a 27Gbps transfer speed and cord length of 10ft, and it is a flat cable. Being a flat cable, it doesn’t compromise the quality and versatility of the line. It can fit anywhere and everywhere.  

5. RGB HDMI Cable

Right now, there is only one company in the market that manufactures RGB cables. The RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue color. The RGB wires have a cord length of 9 to 15 feet and have a transmission speed of 18 Gbps, and the newest quality is the laser beams. Since they ate fitted with advanced technology, RGB hdmi cables are expensive. 


There are numerous varieties of hdmi cables, and every thread is designed for a specific kind of game. Specifically for Gaming, the factor that affects the purchasing of HDMI cables are cable coating (copper or glass or plastic), bandwidth, resolution power, working frequency, and the most crucial factor is cord length.

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