Where Do US Troops Get Ready?

Home is Where the Air Force sent you to school. It’s a place where you can learn to make it in this world. It’s where you can get a decent education and go out and fight for your country. It’s also a place of retreat where you can relax and reenergize yourself. All of these things make up a home.

What’s important about home is that it’s where the air force sends us to school. We all know about the Air Force, how they protect us. They send us off to school to get trained to protect us. They send us off to college to get educated so we can protect ourselves. They send us off to war, where we are trained and ready to fight for our country. So home is where the air force sends us.

What’s important about home is that it’s a place where the family is together. It’s a place where you can grow old together and see the generations rise up and work as one. As children we learn about family values, honor, commitment, and responsibility. We are taught these things at home. As we grow older and into adulthood and beyond, these lessons keep us remind ourselves of what we learned at home, of what we should still be doing to show respect to others, to show commitment to our fellow man, and to continue the dreams that brought us to adulthood.

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So home is where the air force sends us to school and it’s a place where we stay to learn, to train and to serve. It’s a place where we come together as a family. It’s a place where we trust each other and love each other. It’s a home.

The United States military keeps us reminded of home through its annual Vacation Home exhibition. This is where the US Air Force sends members from the Air Force to tour various military bases and get a chance to see how they’re using their aircraft in various situations. The US Navy also has its own version of this vacation home tour. Members of both the armed services and the Navy can go on a trip through the waterways and ports of call in order to view new ships, aircraft and facilities. The Marine Corps has been hard at work over the last several years developing a number of useful ships and other sea vehicles as part of its Future Force Strategy.

Our troops have a much more personal reason to go home than just family and loved ones. They go home to know that they have done what they came to do, that their country believes in them, that their government is counting on them and that they are welcome in the fight against evil. Although our mission in Afghanistan is about countering the violent threats that continue to come from there, the reality is that we all need to come home safe and sound.

Our troops have put a tremendous amount of time and money into preparing for future conflicts. While they often feel that the war is over in Iraq and Afghanistan, that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, there is still fighting going on in other parts of the world. Our troops understand that they must continue to train, practice and prepare in order to win the wars overseas. Since the personnel traveling to other nations will be carrying our battle gear, they too need to know the best way to keep themselves and their equipment ready for the worst scenarios.

If you have a chance to go see how the US military maintains readiness at home, it’s definitely worth the trip. Even if you only make it to Las Vegas for the weekend, you’ll still feel like you’ve made a valuable contribution to America’s defense efforts. Home is where the air force sends us, and it’s important that we make the most of it. It may take a visit here or an overnight stopover somewhere else, but the reality is that if we spend our time wisely, we can ensure that our forces are ready when they are.

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