Easy Steps: How to Renew Car Insurance Policy Online

Having a car, old or new, almost always calls for maintaining a good car insurance policy. While insurance policies are, in general, designed to provide cover for one to three years, having them renewed for any longer period is not much of a hustle these days. Purchasing and renewing car insurance online is just as easy as purchasing things from an e-commerce portal. And that’s not the only benefit of renewal though. One can even change, modify and top-up the insurance policies with the plethora of options and add-ons that some insurers offer. 

Renewing a car insurance online can be done in just a few simple steps. While the interface of different insurer’s portal may be different, the process is generally pretty effortless. Renewal can be done by following these steps:

Step 1 – Visit your car-insurer’s website and click on the “Renew” tab.

Step 2 – You will be prompted to fill in your vehicle registration number or your existing car insurance policy number. 

Step 3 – After providing the details as required, you will have the option of adjusting your non-claim bonus and other discounts (if any) with the Premium for the renewal. The select whether you are willing to get a comprehensive insurance coverage for your car or only a third party car insurance, and proceed with the steps as shown in the website. 

Step 4 – Finally, review the whole application and get a quote for the insurance renewal. Proceed with the payment to complete the renewal process. 

The whole process hardly takes a few minutes to complete, and policyholders get the benefit of choosing their car insurances online from the comfort of their home. And in case you face any difficulty or query at any stage of the process, a simple call to the insurer’s customer care numbers will surely solve them fast and get the renewal done in a whiz. 

However, before renewing the car insurance online, it is always useful to check and analyse the various add-on options and extra privileges that the insurers may offer. For instance, getting a ‘Zero Depreciation’ or ‘Return to Invoice’ add-ons while renewing car insurance online from Bajaj Finserv will surely expand your insurance coverage to the limits. While the zero-depreciation add-on allows the policyholders to get true value of any replaced car parts without the regular depreciation being taken into consideration. ‘Return to Invoice’ can fetch the policyholders the entire on-road price paid for the car in the event – there is a complete loss due to accident or theft. Additionally, a comprehensive insurance coverage can entail a host of extra privileges than a third party insurance. Good insurers generally offer a series of these add-ons for the policy-holders, and it is certainly wise to select the ones suiting your purpose. 

You should also check and compute the non-claim bonuses and other discounts while opting for a renewal. Non-claim bonuses are the special discounts which the policy-holders receive not filing any claim during the previous years. Such bonuses then reduce the premium to be paid for the renewal. Going for only third-party insurance can be a little inexpensive, but experts always recommend selecting a total coverage for the car. Renewing your car insurance online certainly has its benefits. It’s absolutely hassle-free, requires minimum documentation and time, and also provides you the benefit of analysing all the add-ons and offers by your insurer. You can not only choose between the coverage options – whether third-party insurance or comprehensive cover but may also select a different insurer for the renewal. However, for getting the best renewal deal, it’s always wise to first compare the offers extended by various insurance companies before proceeding with a select one.

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