Packaging Tips to Avoid Product Returns

Does packaging affect the business’s reputation? Absolutely!

The world of e-commerce is all about customer satisfaction. Quality protective packaging makes for a great first impression for your customers to remember. The quality of your packaging materials and the way of packing shows that you care about your customers. No wonder customised packaging is so in right now!

Brand loyalty has become more critical than ever. With inconsistent packaging, there will be damages, dents, and scratches on the product. This will result in heavy product returns, which is never good for brand loyalty.

Moreover, the cost of processing returns can mount up by a lot. There are return fees, sorting, checking along with customer support, and logistics. Most e-commerce businesses have free shipping and a free returns policy that increases the cost by twice the amount.

The waste of merchandise is another story. Products that are dented due to poor shipping will have flaws, dents, or other issues. This will make them unsalable on your website. Too many returned items will end up in the rejected list creating a wreak in your profits.

The tied-up stock of high proportion can have added costs in the business. For a long time, if returned items are not sold, waiting for what to do with them and sorting them can take up several months. This means a portion of your warehouse will be stocked with unused items. Small businesses usually rent these spaces, and wasting money and labour on returned products isn’t wise.

Protect your reputation and business cost with quality protective packaging. Start from the very first day and buy packaging supplies only from trustworthy, reliable companies like Packaging Midlands. They have a range of materials like large bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, small bubble wraps, packing tapes, etc., that suits your brand for an affordable price.

And to know more packaging tips to avoid product returns, scroll down below!

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