How do you apply for Canada Study Visa from Dubai

Every year more than one lakh international students plan to pursue education at Canadian universities. With a high-quality education program, Canada offers amazing opportunities and vibrant culture. Being one of the favorite countries, Canada has so much to boast of- students from across the globe visit the country to pursue education in the discipline. It could be research, international collaboration, and scientific publications, these are the three major aspects that Canadian academic institutions focus on. Those who are planning to get a Canada study visa from Dubai may know that it is difficult for one to acquire a student visa, also called a Canadian study permit. Well, connecting with immigration consultants will be of huge help as they understand cutting edge curriculum, string infrastructure, and amazing campuses that are actually a hallmark of colleges in Canada. They help aspirants identify and choose the right course and institute that will be of huge help to them for launching a great career.


Canada is one of the trusted and best places for students to pursue education as the country attracts thousands of applicants each year. The country offers a world-class education that is recognised globally. The universities support students that came out with amazing ideas and scholarships are given to students on that basis:

  • Affordable education
  • Abundant research
  • Fun campus life
  • International students are allowed to work while they pursue education
  • Immigration possibilities 


  • Apply at Elite Canadian University: If an applicant is not sure about where they wish to study in Canada, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of, to begin with, the student visa application procedure. Once it is accepted at the university, you will seek an acceptance letter that is required during the application process.
  • Check if you should apply for a student visa: You can utilise the tools that help one understand if they need a study permit or visa. You may not need a study visa if the following situation fits right with you:
  • You enrol yourself in a study programme with a duration of six months or less.
  • You are a citizen of another nation but do not have Indian status registered in Canada
  • You are a member of foreign armed forces
  • Start an application for a student visa for Canada: Once you get an acceptance letter from the university, you are then required to process to the next step- apply for a student visa.
  • Language requirement for pursuing education: It is essential for one to have proof of English Language skills but it is not required if you come from an English speaking nation. Canadian universities, however, require one to submit proof of English language proficiency.

You can connect with a reputed Canada immigration agency in Dubai to seek expert guidance during your immigration process. Find and contact the leading immigration experts who can help you experience a smooth journey.

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