Fabric 101: The Different Types Of Fabric

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There are different types of fabric you can find. Some of these fabrics may be chiffon, cotton, crepe, denim, lace, leather, linen, satin, silk, synthetics, velvet, and wool. However, among these fabrics, which of them can be used as curtain fabrics?

Choosing fabrics for your windows or as an overlay of a wall is a significant change and development to the aesthetic as well as the interior of the house. Careful planning of the interior comes with the planning of the structural design in order to know the proper or appropriate fabric for your desired interior. Here are the best curtain fabrics you can choose from that may fulfill the functionality you need with the fabric.

Polyester curtains

            Choosing polyester for your curtains is a common decision. If you desire low maintenance fabric that is durable, sturdy, affordable, does not wrinkle, shrink, and stretch easily, This is an easy choice for clueless and practical people despite the fact that this fabric is flammable, absorbs odors, and does not promote good air circulation of the room or home.

The polyester curtain fabrics provide come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. Presence of young children or windows in urban areas where high traffic usually occurs, it is best to use a darker color for polyester curtains as the fabric can be prone to staining, and removing it would be difficult.

Linen curtains

            If you are looking for curtain fabrics for your casual dining area, airy bedroom, or contemporary living room, you can use this type of curtain as it drapes nicely that allows sunlight to enter the room. Washing linen curtains should be immediately hung to avoid wrinkling. This choice of curtain offers freshness in your home that exudes in every photo taken inside.

Cotton curtains

            When you need a more versatile curtain to use, this is recommended as it provides a clean and crisp vibe which can be for styles of either traditional or modern. It offers formal and good drapes which can filter light, air but are somehow still easy to maintain or care for.

Silk curtains

            For formal, luxurious, and romantic rooms, this type of fabric is perfect for you. This drapes well and is heavier than other curtain fabrics. It is important to know that this type of fabric should not be exposed to sunlight directly – you can still drape this on a window, however, the window should be tinted or have shades.

Thermal curtains

Velvet curtains          

   During the cold season or for homes with cold environments, this fabric can be an ideal insulator. The thickness of this fabric compared to other curtain fabrics provide more privacy and blockage to light and even sounds.

Lace curtains

            Natural light and an open, airy feel is what this type of fabric provides. The privacy may not be totally be provided, but it does not compromise the sunlight outside. Moreover, the shades of usual lace curtains are neutral which causes it to add aesthetic to your home and comfort.

Thermal curtains

            Compared to silk and other fabrics, this type of thermal curtain is actually heavier as its main function is to provide insulation to your home. With this, problems during the winter or cold season will be solved immediately.

Blackout curtains

            To achieve a home or room that totally blocks out the outdoor sunlight, this type of fabric is perfect to use or purchase. Availing this type of curtain or fabric for a curtain would allow two moods – one for when the curtains are open allowing sunlight inside and one for when it is draped close perfect for sleeping in.

Choosing right…

           These different curtain fabrics are tough to choose from, but it serves you well in your home. Understanding the details of polyester, linen, cotton, silk, velvet, lace, thermal, and blackout curtains would be convenient for you in the long run and would not cost you as much as casually picking out curtains or curtain fabrics with just the aesthetic to look at.

Every decision, it should be made after careful planning. Therefore, being able to plan the interior design of your home, you can be confident and you can save a lot especially with time for your decision making. You can check out the different curtain fabrics to the trade to open up your options.

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