Top 25 Female Sahaba Names For Baby Girls

Sahabiyat (female companions of the prophet Mohammad) were equally together with Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) while spreading Islam and work together step by step with Sahabas in the early Islamic era. They were part of the religion as today’s women are part of education and politics. They also sacrificed their lives houses and migrated for the sake of Islam they worked in all the subjects of life with their intelligence and strength.

That is why female Sahabas names are as important as male sahabas in the history of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) promised the special and higher places for sahabiyat in Jannah.

Sahabiyat personalities are always inspiring that is why parents want to name their baby girls over their courageous names. In this article, you can find information about girls names that are based on the names of Sahabiyat.

  1. Amrah
    There were 20 Sahabiyats named Amrah, the most noticeable ones being Amrah bint Abi Ayyub, Amrah bint Hazm, Amrah bint Uwaim and Amrah bint al-Rabee. Amrah essentially signifies ‘a hood, for example, a cap or a turban,’ however individuals utilized it as a given name back then.
  2. Arwa
    In case you’re searching for a cutting edge Sahabi name for your little princess, Arwa would possess all the necessary qualities. Arwa bint al-Harith was Harith ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib’s little girl and Prophet Muhammad’s cousin. The significance of Arwa is ‘dexterous,’ ‘wonderful,’ or ‘effortlessness and magnificence’.
  3. Asma
    Asmā’ bint Abu Bakr, one of the Sahabiyat of prophet Muhammad was Abu Bakr’s girl and Aisha’s sister. She was the fifteenth individual to acknowledge Islam at the greeting of Abu Bakr. This supernatural infant name, signifying ‘excellent,’ has a decent ring to it. It can likewise signify ‘magnified, high or extraordinary’.
  4. Atheelah
    We love the name Atheelah and the importance it carries:’well-conceived or an individual originating from a regarded family’. The Prophet had three mates named Atheelah, which is a serious unprecedented name nowadays.
  5. Atiqa
    Atiqa bint Zayd was an artist and buddy of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), famous for being hitched to Muslim men who kicked the bucket as shahids. She was the spouse of the subsequent Caliph, Umar receptacle Al-Khattab. The importance of Atiqa is ‘liberated’ or ‘excellent lady’.
  6. Barzah
    The name Barzah implies ‘ a storyteller of Hadith’.
  7. Buhayyah
    The name Buhayyah, signifying ‘delightful and brilliant,’ was shared by two mates of Prophet Muhammad, Buhayyah bint Abdullah al-Bakriyyah and Buhayyah bint Busr.
  8. Bushrah
    Bushrah was the name of Safwan receptacle Nawfal’s little girl. Students of history state that she lived until the Muawiyah time. Bushrah is an Arabic name that signifies ‘uplifting news’ or ‘hint of something better over the horizon’.
  9. Fakhitah
    Fākhitah bint Abī Tālib was Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib’s oldest girl and Prophet Muhammad’s cousin. She changed over to Islam when Prophet Muhammad vanquished Mecca. Fakhitah signifies ‘the person who strolls with satisfaction’.
  10. Fariah
    Fariah was one of the prophet’s buddies. She was Maalik canister sanan al-Ansari’s girl and Abu Saeed al-Khudri’s sister. You can likewise spell this name as Feriha or Fariyah.
  11. Asiyah:
    Asiyah bint al-Faraj al-Jurumiyyah was another recognized Sahabiyat of Prophet Muhammad. The significance of Asiyah is ‘one who keeps an eye on the feeble and mends them’.
  12. Afraa
    There were two Sahabiyats named Afraa: Afraa’ bint al-Sakan and Afraa’ bint Ubaid. Afraa signifies ‘blonde or lighter looking’.
  13. Aisha
    Ā’ishah bint Abī Bakr, affectionately called the ‘Mother of the Believers’, was one of the spouses of Prophet Muhammad. She assumed a significant job in the Islamic history, spreading Muhammad’s message for a long time after his passing. This windy and wonderful name with numerous varieties, signifies ‘alive,’ ‘the person who has a decent life,’ ‘living, prosperous’.
  14. Amah
    The name Amah, signifying ‘slave,’ was borne by the little girl of Khalid canister Saeed, who was additionally one of the sidekicks of Prophet Muhammad. Amah, conceived in Habshah, was hitched to Az-Zubayr container Al-Awwam.
  15. Aminah
    Aminah bint Wahb, a member of Banu Zuhrah clan, was the mother of Prophet Muhammad. The usage of this name has been increasing in the US, joining the list of top 1000 names. The name Aminah means ‘truthful’ and ‘trustworthy’
  16. Ayman
    Umm Ayman, the little girl of Tha’alaba container Amr, was the second mother of prophet Muhammad. She took care of the errand person of Allah after the demise of his mom, Aminah. Ayman is a unisex name however is generally utilized for young ladies. It signifies ‘upright.’
  17. Azbah
    Azbah bint Sa’d is the carrier of this melodic name of Arabic beginning. The significance of Azbah is ‘beguiling, wonderful’.
  18. Baghoom
    This novel name is related with the worshipped Sahabiyat, Al-Baghoom bint al-Mu’addal. The name Baghoom signifies ‘one with a delicate and ladylike voice’.
  19. Barakah
    This excellent Sahabi name has an intrigue and consideration of a few guardians. There were three Sahabiyats with this moniker, Barakah bint Tha’labah, Barakah al-Habashiyyah and Barakah bint Yasaar. Barakah implies gift, blessing, and wealth’.
  20. Bareerah
    Bareerah, one of the most notable Sahabiyats, was a slave liberated by Sayyidina Ayshah RA. The name Bareerah is one of a kind, lovely and present day as well. The importance of Bareerah is ‘devout’.
  21. Farwah
    Farwah signifying ‘riches and wealth’s would make a pleasant option in contrast to the regular Muslim name Farah. There were more than 20 female Sahabiyats with this name, including Farwah al-Juhani, Farwah Abu Tameem al-Aslami, and Farwah canister Qais al-Kindi.
  22. Fasham
    There’s just one known Sahabiyat with this name, Fasham bint Aws. Fasham signifies ‘enormous and open’.
  23. Fatimah
    Fatimah bint Muhammad was the most youthful little girl of prophet Muhammad and Khadija. A huge number of Muslim young ladies are given this name every year, essentially in light of the fact that it’s the name of one of the four ideal ladies in the Quran. The name Fatimah signifies ‘a little girl of the prophet’.
  24. Firozah
    Firozah, which seems like the male name Firoz, signifies ‘turquoise’.
  25. Fukaihah
    Fukaihah bint al-Sukan, Fukaihah bint al-Muttalib, Fukaihah bint Yasaar and Fukaihah bint Ubaid were among the twenty Sahabiyats with this brilliant and expand name. Fukaihah signifies ‘chipper, happy and cheerful.’

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