The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Business Credit Card in India

With credit card use increasing year on year in India, credit cardholders are gradually perceiving that credit cards inherently offer several benefits. Indians know that credit cards hold advantages for them, besides being matched with spending behavior. 

Moreover, it’s not hard to get a business credit card India has already witnessed the benefits and rewards of standard credit cards, and how simple they are to acquire. These days, corporations and businesses, large and small, know that credit cards use for official work can make business or professional payments convenient. Although business credit cards and corporate credit cards are technically not for the same purpose, they are, in actuality, used interchangeably, as they have common features. 

Business Credit Card – Advantages

Business credit cards cater to small business owners and large business owners. Here are some of the advantages of owning a business credit card in India.

  • Fees and Rewards – While choosing a business credit card, you should opt for one with fees/rates of interest that are commensurate with rewards and perks offered by the card. If fees are high, like the annual fees, for instance, the rewards you earn, say in terms of flight miles while travelling, should be high too. While running your own business, it’s wise to keep your costs of management as low as you can, or yield the most advantage. 
  • Sign-up Bonus – Businesses have a higher rate of expenditure than individuals. Hence, business credit cards come with high cash limits, and should ideally come with an introductory reward for cardholders. This may be in the form of zero annual fees/interest for a specific period. 
  • Perks and Benefits – Business cards offer holders rewards and perks suited to their spending habits. For instance, if you travel a lot in your business, choose a card that matches your travel-related expenses and correspondingly gives you an advantage. Such a card would have discounts on flight tickets and hotel stays.  It’s very easy to get a business credit card. Apply online and you can take advantage of quick approval times. Nonetheless, in the hurry of obtaining one, you shouldn’t forget to do a cost-benefit analysis. 
  • High Cash Limit – A business card should come with a high cash limit, so you have a sufficient amount to spend without crossing a cash limit that’s too low. This depends on your expected business spending. Depending on the size of your business, and any expected growth, you may want to seriously give this a thought. 

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