Party Wear Indian Designer Sarees

Many women often face difficulties in attaining the perfect look while attending to ceremonies or parties, and end up attending the occasions, overdressed or underdressed. We often don’t get proper guidance as to how we can achieve a great partywear look in Indian sarees, by not wearing too much accessories or makeup, but look elegant and beautiful.

What is more important is that to attain the perfect look, this look cannot only be completed with designer sarees only. You would need the right kind of makeup, jewellery, footwear and other accessories. This article will help you create a look that is sure to grab eyeballs.

designer sarees

What’s Your Choice of Colour?

Every colour is beautiful. There can nothing be right or wrong about colours. If people try to guide and tell you that you need to wear so and so colours that suit your complexion, just ignore them. Self-confidence is all you need, and you will glow anyway.

Choose the outfit in a colour you like. Be it a bright green or pink, wine or teal, midnight blue or silver, or even the basic black, white or red, all look great on party wear sarees. Pastel shades are too much trending these days, you can choose an elegant saree in pastel shades, with bright floral prints. If you do not feel like experimenting, there are the colours that you feel comfortable in.

Note The Handiwork

As mentioned earlier, do not overdo anything. Avoid wearing pieces that exhibit too much embroideries or embellishments. What you can rather do is go for a designer saree with a plain blouse (may have a unique cut, but plain fabric), or vice versa. Dress according to the occasion.

Choose A Suitable Saree for The Occasion

As there really aren’t any rules for colours, there is no rule for the saree style either. While the divas who are in love with contemporary fashion, can go for cape style blouses, crop tops and jackets replaced with blouses, ruffled sarees, designer lehenga sarees, etc, and those who prefer traditional can always go for the silk sarees, Banarasi or otherwise, in bright colours.

What About the Accessories?

Jewelleries: It goes without saying that the right kind of jewellery completes a look. Even if your makeup and outfit is on point, inappropriate jewelleries may ruin all your efforts.

If heavy earrings are your favourites, go for it and pair them with bangles only, or may be just a cocktail ring. If going for a necklace, ditch the earrings and pair with it a classy finger ring or a few bangles. Mix and match your jewelleries, but keep it light.

Footwear: Make sure that your shoes match your designer saree. If you are confident in stilettoes go for those, if not wear a one with a little heel for you not to trip on your saree, and carry it gracefully.

Hairdo: You can keep your hairdo messy or sleek, tied in a braid or bun, or just blow dry or straighten and keep it open. For a traditional Indian saree look, a low bun near your nape with flowers or little hair accessories can never go wrong.

There are lots of video tutorials on hairdos on YouTube. You can check those out or just follow the varied looks of your favourite actresses, and try those out. If you have long hair, we would suggest not to keep it open. It may create problem in managing your pallu and hair together.

For that perfect look, you need to create and maintain a balance. You will definitely look super gorgeous in designer sarees, but may have not attained the perfect look as you had expected to achieve, till now. But our easy guide will surely help you achieve the Indian saree look you want, and be the showstopper wherever you go!

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