A Quick Timeline: Luxury Watches for Every Budget

A stylish and high-quality timepiece is essential for both men and women wardrobes. This often means that you have to spend too much to buy such watches that are made with precision and high levels of craftsmanship. But the fact is not everyone willing to splurge on a luxury timepiece. There are too many well-renowned labels that offer top-quality cheap watches too. We have rounded up some of them those luxury cheap branded watches for everyone.


Seiko watches are high-quality watches and are the most recognised watch brand in the world. They are known for their reliability. The brand manufactures relatively affordable watches made out of materials such as stainless steel, leather and mineral glass. They have always been innovative and some of the examples are, Seiko Astron their first ever pocket watch, grand Seiko watches with spring drive technology, watches with a kinetic perpetual system that has the ability to generate their own electricity and so on. They considered as value for money.


Casio is known to manufacture affordable digital watches incorporating innovative technology. They produce a range of stylish watches that are tailored for specific occasions. The great balance between the quality and affordability of their watches. Casio watches for women and men are durable and reliable. A few of their famous innovations with different functions are G-shocks watches, retro styles, Edifice and Protrek.


Citizen Watches are known to have aesthetically pleasing and technical masterpieces. The company has always strived to produces something better. Hence, they inculcate more functions to their watches and offer designs that every citizen’s taste. They have also been known to deliver a wide range of watches such as tuning-fork watches, Swiss watches, watch with jewels and electrical watches as well.


Timex brand watches fall under the affordable category with good functionality and aesthetics. Their watches are known for simplicity and durability. They offer some of the most versatile and attractive timepieces that are reasonably priced. One of the well-known proprietaries of Timex watches is the V-conic watch series.


Guess is considered a brand making cheap designer watches. They offer the most trendy and dynamic watches that have unique designs with an extraordinary appearance. Guess watches are ideal for formal occasions and are available in different materials and features like backlight, calendar and reset time.


The brand swatch is known for its flexible and unisex designs. Abbreviated word for a Swiss watch. They use the same quality movements found in high-priced Swiss luxury watches. The brand has innovative design and technology in their watches and captures youth culture. They are relatively inexpensive still manages to blend a sophisticated designer look.

Calvin Klein:

One of the most renowned and iconic fashion brands is Calvin Klein. It has an elegant style and high-quality design. CK offers timepieces that are luxurious and reasonably priced. Though they offer watches for both men and women, their watches are quite unisex in terms of appearance. The secret behind their growing popularity is the clean attractive designs of their watches.

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